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Daphne Guinness

While I was in New York last weekend, I had the chance to see Daphne Guinness‘ exhibit at the FIT museum.  Now, I need to tell all you readers that she is my fashion idol.  The reason I put black skunk stripes in my hair is because this woman inspired me.  Her fashion challenges that of Lady Gaga, and (in my mind), it blows her away.

These were some of my favorites from the show:

Alexander McQueen jacket

May have to play around with fabric and thrift shopping for a good DIY with this one

While the Alexander McQueen exhibit was up, there was a mass of people constantly flooding in and out of the MET who were going to see it.  It was beautiful and inspiring, but I actually liked Daphne’s much better.  The reason I’m comparing the two is because the bulk of this exhibit was McQueen and a whole lot of Dolce and Gabanna.  In the McQueen exhibit, I felt as though there was a disconnect between myself and the pieces.  These were revered art forms by means of fashion.  Here, at FIT, I was seeing a woman cross into that boundary and wear these beautiful art pieces and transform them into her own wardrobe.

Oh, and the main reason I loved it so much is because it’s basically my dream wardrobe 🙂

All photos from this post were found on Flickr.  Photos from the exhibit are credited to Futureclaw



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  1. October 16, 2011

    Love the head dresses Jen xoxo

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