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Sad to say, but I had never been to the Museum of Art and Design in New York until about 2 weeks ago.  Terrible of me.  I went with my friend, Anna, to see the exhibit showing the Artist as a Jeweler.  It was one of my favorite exhibits so far.  Sorry, but I couldn’t take any photos in that one.  We ended up wandering over to the Flora and Fauna exhibit.  There were some really beautiful pieces that inspired me to work more with sculpture.  Lately, I’ve focused on 2D watercolor drawings and paintings, but there is so much that can be done with molds, casting, and manipulation of materials.

Anna taking photos

Silla Mariposa by Pedro Friedeberg

Beth Katleman's piece "Folly"

Detail of Folly. Made out of Porcelain

Folly Butterflies

Little butterflies off in the corner

Me in front of Folly

Marine Group by Steffen Dam

Passage by Paul Villinsky

After writing this post, I feel like jumping into the sculpture studio and making something.  Well, it would help if I knew how to use any sort of machinery but that’s something to learn a different day.

Intrinsecus by Jennifer Trask



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