Obsess Over Everything

I’ve been working on a new sculpture series these days.  It’s all about metal headpieces or body armature.  I’m loving these photos for inspiration.  It seems as though headpieces and veils are all I can think about lately.  All these pieces are more fashion oriented- but then again what is the boundary between art and fashion?  I think that there is none.  You can create art or a composition and lay it on a canvas or a pedestal.  With fashion, your base is the human body.

These extreme and dramatic headpieces make me far too excited.  It really is a problem.  Hopefully I can post some of my pieces that I’m making soon.  Takes so long to put each one together and even then I have no idea if they’re ever really done.  Isn’t that the problem with every art project?  Would love to hold a photoshoot in the future of myself wearing them.  Gives me a good excuse to do some makeup and wear wigs.

Photos taken from Tumblr



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  1. Laura #
    February 15, 2012

    Yo Gianna! I will be happy to help you photograph said photoshoot if you want! Just get yourself all dolled up and I will snap snap the shutter.

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