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So sorry about the lack of posting this week, but things have been busy. I should say that this week has been just jam packed with art related happenings. Instead of just making a few random postings about separate ideas, this post will have one big common theme- AIR. Here in Pittsburgh we have a little thing called Artists Image Resource.  Well, it’s really not little at all but it definitely has a cozy feel to it.  Basically, it’s a studio that has equipment for Screenprinting, Etching, and Lithography.  If you want to do some printmaking but don’t have any idea how you would scrounge up the funds to buy your own press or don’t want to store that screen, go here.

Somehow, I found myself going here twice this past week.  The first time was this past Saturday for a new opening they were having.   New Work was being shown by Michael Hegedus and Jerstin Crosby.  I wrote about some other work that Jerstin was showing in my previous post.  Interesting that I run into another opening of his so soon.  There was also a print signing going on with Delanie Jenkins, Nick Bubash, Hiroki Otsuka and John Ritter.

Loved the amount of detail that was in Michael’s work.  Each print was made with 1 million dots.  Can’t imagine myself having nearly enough patience to do this.

Works by Michael Hegedus

Jerstin also was showing some work which I also admired for the patience involved.  They showed film stills and I really think that it had the perfect presentation.

Jerstin Crosby

Works by Jerstin Crosby


Later that week for class, we had the opportunity to hear Michael give a talk about his work and his process.  I  have to say, I would never have guessed what trouble screenprinting a million dots would be.  Guess I should have known.  After numerous times of shutting down photoshop due to an overload of layers, he somehow finally was able to make a file that contained perfectly aligned dots to make his screens.  Then, the problem came with printing them.  Most of the first trials proved to be unsuccessful in getting clean and orderly dots.  In the end, he found a way to solve all of his problems and create the pieces.  After seeing his other work, I am completely intimidated.  I thought that I was a perfectionist with my drawings and trying to get the perfect line.  Michael takes detail-oriented to a whole other level.  But to me, it all seems worth it for the work he produces.

From there, we all went through the grand tour of AIR.  Pretty crazy to thing about the people coming through there.  You could be printing next to a total stranger or from a visiting artist.



Some prints hanging in the studio



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