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Now, I have to confess- I really don’t like shoe shopping.  That statement is most likely horrifying some readers out there but I can’t lie about it.  I am one of the pickiest shoppers out there for shoes.  They have to be comfortable, but also be totally unique and awesome.  That’s not so much to ask, right?  Wrong- it is so hard to find shoes that fit those criteria for myself.  In order to show you all out there that I do believe that there are amazing shoes out there, I’m posting two styles that I’m crazy over.


This first one is of my boyfriend’s shoes.  We had a little shopping adventure the other day and he decided to buy up two pairs of shoes.  Later that night we were getting ready to go out and he couldn’t decide which one went better.  Naturally, he just decided to wear both.  Have to say, that was pretty bold of him.  I wonder why more people don’t do that in Pittsburgh.  It happens in New York and Japan all the time.  Maybe he’ll get the trend going.

Diesel and Lacoste Shoes



Here are my other favorites.  I ran into my friend, Adrienne, at AIR during the opening.  She’s constantly wearing these and I finally had my camera so I could snap a photo of them.  Don’t know the brand but I hear they’re sold at Urban Outfitters.  Now if I could just find these in gold….



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