Obsess Over Everything

Last week, I went to New York City for a friend’s birthday party.  The last day I was there, I went to MOMA to see the new Cindy Sherman Exhibit.  Found out once I got there that there was also a great Printmaking exhibit happening at the same time.  Well, I’m sorry but there were no cameras allowed in the Cindy Sherman exhibit.  I did manage to sneak some on my phones before getting yelled at by the guard.

I was in absolute heaven.  All of her untitled film stills were being shown.  Pretty amazing to see them in their entirety instead of just reading about it in a book.  I’ve always loved dressing up and taking photos but mine don’t have nearly as much meaning as hers.

Had a good time looking around and acting like a tourist around the museum.  Originally, I am from Manhattan.  If you ask me, I will call myself a New Yorker.  But, the past seven years of my life have been spent in Pittsburgh.  Interesting to learn about the history of Pittsburgh and how it was completely connected to New York back in the day.  When I go to the Carnegie Museum of Art I see so many exhibits in a much more personal and intimate setting than when I go to any museum in New York.  Funny part is, I’m seeing all the same artists in the Carnegie as the ones in MOMA.

I think that I’ve found one of my new favorite artists.  Sanja Ivekovic had an exhibit and I just fell in love with most of what she was showing.  At first, I walked in and had no interest of reading anything that was there.  That’s horrible of me to say, but I’m being honest.  As I walked down the hallway, my eyes skimmed over the words on some of the pieces that depicted different sunglasses ads with some stories at the bottom.  Each one was about some woman’s story of her suffering and problems in life. Naturally, I was captivated.

As the exhibit went on, she kept my attention with her manipulations on presentations of advertisements.  Everything was given a somber and grim tone.  As if there was something wrong with giving in to advertisements.  Actually, not necessarily something wrong with giving in but something wrong with what was being presented.



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