Obsess Over Everything

My To-Do list is endless.  At the moment at least.  But it just feels as though that’s the case basically every single day of my existence.  Right now, I’m preparing for two very big things in my academic life.

  1. Brackenridge Fellowship:  I have been given 3500 dollars to do research for 12 weeks this summer

2.  Wyoming: I’m going to Wyoming.  To do art.

While I realize that these do not seem so daunting and so complicated, they really are.  Or I am just being overly dramatic.  Here’s the thing: I am dramatic and I do like to plan things.  Now, I never said I was good at planning but I will try my absolutehardestat it.  Especially for this summer voyage.

SO from here on out I’m going to try to keep this updated for the world with all of my inner thoughts, inspirations, ideas, and hates.  All of it.  You will feel as though you are inside my mind by the end of this summer.


Here’s a little intro to myself.  This is me in my typical working garb:  tshirt.  There’s nothing better to work in or to live in for that matter.  I’m keeping it fancy seeing as how it’s a vintage Calvin Klein tshirt.  There is a difference.

  • The bottom of my hair is dyed black.  It has been so since far before that whole trend started earlier this year.  Just thought that I needed to make that distinction.  You could think that I’m falling into a blogging trend and we couldn’t have that, could we?
  • I love ideas.  There is nothing more invigorating or refreshing than a brand new idea or project that brews inside the mind.  You get a feeling of excitement and begin planning.  Actually seeing that idea coming to realization is something I have to work on a bit more.
  • Everything is based on my mood.  My outfits, my art, my choice of music, are all decided by my mood.  And my mood is affected by all of those things in return.  So how does anything ever get done around here

Ah, the workspace at the moment.  You are literally looking at what I am doing right now.  Nothing like a Capri Sun while you browse through Gray’s Anatomy and pray that the Louis Vuitton + Yayoi Kusama collection comes out.  Don’t forget to notice my little feetsies in there.  I have my toes pedicured for you and everything.


Here’s my reading list for the summer.  Wait, I’m in college.  Reading List?  Yes, for my big ol’ Wyoming trip I have to read a few little pieces.  The Virginian is the first Western Novel and includes a few locations that we’ll be heading to.  Spiral Jetta seems interesting since it is about art and I’m pretty open to any forms of inspiration at the moment.  Bone Wars is all about dinosaur wars between a few geologists.  Pretty crazy to think that a few of those bones dug up on the plot that I’ll be in are in the museum right down the street from me.  In case you’re wondering, that’s the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh.


Break time.  Capri Suns just suck me in.

Well, I begin my big adventure into my research tomorrow.  It’s time to look into anatomy now and take a break from all the western reading….



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