Obsess Over Everything


What is so hard about this concept?  I guess for a girl, it’s a little easier.  But I do remember being a little girl and having no clue at all about how I was going to make one of those so called “braids” in my hair.  What did I do?  I figured it out.  Sure, I make them correctly now but I still can’t tackle the whole Fishtail braid thing….

If you grew up with men or are currently close to one, ask them if they know how to make a braid.  Chances are, they have an idea but don’t really know the true art of it.  Hey, a lot of men do know but not the ones in my family or the ones I have been friends with for a while.   Imagine my amazement when I ask my boyfriend to help me out and braid my hair….. and he knew how to do it!


This little post is a tribute for all you guys out there who know how to make a braid.  Some may say I am getting way too excited, and other may find me way too appreciative.

And if you boys out there don’t know how to make one, LEARN!



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