Obsess Over Everything

Went to the Fair in the Park this weekend.  Usually, I don’t find too much but just enjoy walking around.  This year, I talked to some interesting people and actually found some cool little items.

Below is a photo of the Squonk Opera.

This awesome woodblock print is done by Mr. Eddie Spaghetti.  He was nice enough to let me photograph a fresh print!  I loved this one.  He told me that it was of a girl he saw last year playing the fiddle by a tree.  The paper has whole leaves in it and is made from a Mulberry tree.

Oh, these are some photos of the big, bad Tugboat Printshop.  Their booth was amazing and made me want to buy everything.  I must say, I could actually do that since the prints were very reasonably priced.  Maybe once I buy a piece of art I’ll feel like an actual adult, right?  Anyways, check this artist out!

OH THIS IS MY FAVORITE THING EVER! AND I WANTED TO SHARE IT WITH YOU.  This is an amazing octopus belt buckle.  I went to Ron Swanberg & Family’s booth and fell in love with just about everything there.  I talked to the woman who made this buckle and she told me she carved it herself.  Then, she sends it off to be casted.  When it comes back, she grinds and sands it some more until it’s finished.  Ron sells all sorts of leather goodies like belts, bags, and bracelets for a great price.  I definitely think this was the best find of the day.

Here’s a photo of myself with an adorable little puppet.  If I had a child, or was a child, I would get this.  And love it forever.  They’re made by Nancy Gates Designs



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