Obsess Over Everything

_DSC0379So this month I began my month long artist residency in Wyoming at the Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts.  I started out by flying into Denver and taking some time to drive around and visit Laramie.  I came with my lovely, city-dwelling parents.  Surprisingly, we all got into the Western vibe and soaked up as much as we could in two days time.  Of course, the best part was the driving.  I had been prepping a playlist special for about a month now and let me tell you, it was perfect.  I don’t think we could have survived without it.  Here are a few photos from our travels.

_DSC0410 _DSC0404 _DSC0401 _DSC0391 _DSC0389 _DSC0385 _DSC0382_DSC0378 _DSC0374 _DSC0351 _DSC0341 _DSC0337 _DSC0334 _DSC0332 _DSC0329 _DSC0327 _DSC0325 _DSC0320 _DSC0312 _DSC0306 _DSC0302 _DSC0298



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