Obsess Over Everything


After I made those mangos the other day with the golden cutouts, I realized that I fell in love with the layout of the piece.  So, I had to make more.  I’m only working on 10 x 10 pieces, which makes my working go a little easier and calmer.  You get to work in such a small space and get to dive into some details.  So next: hands and legs.  Each of those represent milagros.  _DSC0682 _DSC0684 _DSC0687

This is what happens when you go too hard with your cutting.  My favorite pink knife, in shambles at this point.  I still tried using it and ended up cracking it in three more places.  Until it officially disintegrates, this is what I’m gonna use. _DSC0688

These little cutouts are made from BFK paper.  So they’re going to be in the small black piece with the hands.  First, I cut this out.  Then, I cover the pieces in gold leaf.  Sound easy, but it’s not.  I had gold leaf all over me and continue to find it in the strangest of places…_DSC0695_DSC0702

So I tried a different route with these guys.  Instead of cutting and then covering in gold leaf, I covered the sheet in the gold leaf first.  Let me just say that it went waaaay easier.  _DSC0703_DSC0710



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