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This post is a little random, I’m aware of it so that makes it ok.  I guess…  Anyways these are some photos of my inspirations for the day and what I have going on in my studio._DSC0625

This little orange patch doesn’t leave my mind.  I found it on a rock right outside my studio while I was taking a walk.  First off, the color.  I can’t even handle it.  Second off, I love seeing how it forms.  A lot of my work deals with swarms and natural growth.  It’s nice to see some ideas on how to make my pieces seem more real…._DSC0628

Here you have turmeric dissolving in Linseed Oil.  Yeah, I know it looks just like that previous photo.  I need to figure out a way to capture this…  Ideas are brewing. _DSC0631

More turmeric pigment.  This one is mixed with water.  I’m going back to my obsession with circles.  It was only right that I made one piece with a circular shape._DSC0634 _DSC0635

These guys don’t leave my side.  That’s nice because sometimes at night it gets creepy.  But they pass out all day and all night in my studio.  I guess they like that I keep a tropical climate in here.  Plus I give them treats…_DSC0636 _DSC0637

Some more cutouts. This one is a largescale installation in progress… I was inspired when I first saw Keira Knightley wearing a hat with mesh in some movie that I really hated… anyways she had a similar pattern on the mesh and I instantly knew I had to make something with it.  It also is supposed to resemble rainforest plants/sea coral.  Really, all of my images are jumbles of representations that are only meant to seem familiar.  You know it’s some sort of organism, but not what kind exactly.  _DSC0638

My fanny pack has become my new best friend.  I take it everywhere and it’s so easy to carry.  I’ve had it for a while now, but I recently studded it.  Gold studs of course…. and this is my little hook of clothing goodies.  The dogs know it’s time to leave whenever I walk over to this hook and grab something off it.  _DSC0640

Bones out drying.  They’re all washed but the next step is to grind them down and then wash again.  _DSC0641Little branches.  So beautiful, I don’t know what to do with them first! Do I put them in a piece?  Copy the shape and the growth pattern?  I don’t know!




I’m making an effort to get some walking in while I’m here.  It’s still snowy, but not too cold yet.  I can go out with two jackets and no coat.  I’ve even been wearing capri pants if you can believe it.  Anyways, I’m not a hiker.  Anyone who knows me will say the same.  Even so, I love to walk.  There are miles and miles of trails here that go into the mountains, but I’m not so adventurous.  Instead, I’m making an effort to do a pre dinner walk to collect sage and other plants for new work.  Here are some photos from the magic hour last night.  _DSC0579 _DSC0582 _DSC0584 _DSC0588 _DSC0591 _DSC0593 _DSC0600



We made it to Saratoga!  That’s where my residency is.  Well, it’s a few miles from there.  But it’s the nearest town and let me just say that it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen.  First off, everyone I’ve come across is SO nice.  No matter who or where you meet them.  But the town was pretty much shut down for the winter and for Monday (that’s when we were there of course).  But it looked like something out of an old Western.  After a few hours of exploring, we went on over to Brush Creek.  It was so much nicer than I could have ever anticipated.  I feel so lucky to be able to go here, and the pictures don’t even cover it.  But here are a few photos for a preview.  _DSC0422 _DSC0425 _DSC0426 _DSC0428 _DSC0430 _DSC0432 _DSC0435 _DSC0439 _DSC0435 _DSC0439 _DSC0443 _DSC0452 _DSC0461 _DSC0464 _DSC0474 _DSC0480 _DSC0481 _DSC0484 _DSC0486 _DSC0493 _DSC0498 _DSC0502 _DSC0512 _DSC0522 _DSC0537 _DSC0547 _DSC0550 _DSC0555

_DSC0379So this month I began my month long artist residency in Wyoming at the Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts.  I started out by flying into Denver and taking some time to drive around and visit Laramie.  I came with my lovely, city-dwelling parents.  Surprisingly, we all got into the Western vibe and soaked up as much as we could in two days time.  Of course, the best part was the driving.  I had been prepping a playlist special for about a month now and let me tell you, it was perfect.  I don’t think we could have survived without it.  Here are a few photos from our travels.

_DSC0410 _DSC0404 _DSC0401 _DSC0391 _DSC0389 _DSC0385 _DSC0382_DSC0378 _DSC0374 _DSC0351 _DSC0341 _DSC0337 _DSC0334 _DSC0332 _DSC0329 _DSC0327 _DSC0325 _DSC0320 _DSC0312 _DSC0306 _DSC0302 _DSC0298