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What is there to say?  Nothing.  I am speechless.  No: I can actually go on rambling for paragraphs upon paragraphs on how wonderful these photographs are.  They are done by the group Atelier Olschinsky.  It’s part of a group of photos under the title Innocentia.

First of all, the red.  Oh, all of that red just gets me far too excited.  The designer of all of these garments, Susanne Bisovsky, is a genius in my mind.  Yes, these were taken a bit of time ago but that doesn’t make it any less wonderful.  Plus, it’s exactly the style I have been looking for lately.  It’s very Dolce and Gabbana, no?  There is comfort and loads of lace and flowers.  Plus there is that old-country feeling mixed with fresh youth.

I just know a painting or drawing is going to sprout out of my head from this….


Just when I was stuck in a rut of no inspiration or ideas, I found this guy. Hew Locke does it all, and in the flashiest of ways. I’m in love with these sculptures of his that have so much to them in terms of material and concept. Plus, they’re just gorgeous.

Black Queen (detail) 2004, approx 290 x 160 x 60 cm
Photo by FXP Photography.


The Kingdom of the Blind
2008 Ranging in height from 402 cm to 213 cm
Plastic, screws, glue gun, fabric, vinyl, plywood
Photo by Thierry Bal, courtesy inIVA 2008

Chariots of the Gods
2009 520 x 385cm
Wall hanging – wool backing with appliqué cord & plastic beads
Photo by Peter Mallet, 2009, Courtesy Haunch of Venison Gallery, London

El Dorado 2005 mixed media, approx 290 x 175 x 60 cm.
Photo by FXP Photography

Yellow Menace detail, 150 x 70 x 45cm, 2001
Photo © Hew Locke & DACS

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