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Every first Friday of the month, galleries in Garfield/Friendship open up for a big gallery crawl.  Needless to say, I go every month.  Now, I have to tell you that these galleries have improved so much from when I first started going.  Last night, I found myself gushing over so many pieces I saw.  I’m so hard to please in that sense so that’s quite the accomplishment.  Not only that, it’s far more professional than it used to be.  Can’t wait for next month!  The other plus is getting to meet all sorts of interesting people and run into old friends while walking around. I have so many ideas in my little brain that are dying to get out.  There’s nothing better for an artist than going to a big opening like this: it makes you want to actually go out and tell the world what you’re making.



Well it was one of those Friday nights again…  I’m talking about one that included going to an opening at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts.  Here’s a little list of what there was to see:

Before I begin talking about the show, I need to talk to you about my DINNER.  It was absolutely magical.  My boy took me to get sushi at a place right by the gallery.  I’m not quite sure what was in the roll I ordered.  Something about avocado and shrimp tempura…..  Needless to say, we ate every bite of the food.  Just to prove this point to you, I took a photo capturing the moment:

My boy and his phone

Outside the PCA

Overall I liked the show.  It was different from what I usually see which is always refreshing.  There were a number of different guilds there and work in all types of media.  Sometimes you just want a buffet of art.  And last night I got it.  There were a few sculptures that caught my attention since they looked a lot like my work or of some of my friends.  Enough of my typing.  Let’s get to the pictures.

Adrienne Rozzi

These lovely prints were made by Adrienne who was in the same major as me.  It seems like I want to buy just about everything that she makes.  She’s even had a few hits on the Style Rookie blog with her Poison Apple Printshop.

Alison Helm

Ashley Hickey

Betsy Cox

Cydra Vaux

Cydra Vaux

Donnie Toomer


Hannah Grace Downey

James Nestor

Jane Ogren

Justus Cotterill

Kara Ruth Snyder

Kari Galensky

Kyle Hallam

Kyle Hallam

Lauren Strahl

Lauren Strahl

Maria Roddy

Mary Towner

Mary Towner

Rochel Schiffrin

Scot Calvert

Sean P Morrissey

Stephanie Moser

Tom Como

Trevor King

Trevor King