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After I made those mangos the other day with the golden cutouts, I realized that I fell in love with the layout of the piece.  So, I had to make more.  I’m only working on 10 x 10 pieces, which makes my working go a little easier and calmer.  You get to work in such a small space and get to dive into some details.  So next: hands and legs.  Each of those represent milagros.  _DSC0682 _DSC0684 _DSC0687

This is what happens when you go too hard with your cutting.  My favorite pink knife, in shambles at this point.  I still tried using it and ended up cracking it in three more places.  Until it officially disintegrates, this is what I’m gonna use. _DSC0688

These little cutouts are made from BFK paper.  So they’re going to be in the small black piece with the hands.  First, I cut this out.  Then, I cover the pieces in gold leaf.  Sound easy, but it’s not.  I had gold leaf all over me and continue to find it in the strangest of places…_DSC0695_DSC0702

So I tried a different route with these guys.  Instead of cutting and then covering in gold leaf, I covered the sheet in the gold leaf first.  Let me just say that it went waaaay easier.  _DSC0703_DSC0710



For all of you Latinos out there- this post is for you.  Being out here, on a ranch, in the middle of nowhere, with nothing but Americans everywhere…. well let me just say that I’m starting to miss Miami.  So I made a piece that plays homage to one of my homes…  This is an idea that I’ve had for some time.  I wanted to do it in wood but need a scroll saw to do so.  I don’t have that.  I have paper, so paper it is.  The mangos are watercolor and so are the leaves.  The rest are cutouts that are covered in gold leaf.  _DSC0667 _DSC0668 _DSC0671 _DSC0673 _DSC0676

Yeah, I put it on my arm.  I saw it on Instagram today and decided to do it.  I painted one of my designs right onto my arm and there it stayed.  Wish it was permanent.  _DSC0677 _DSC0679 _DSC0680

My latest obsession is the studded jacket.  Well, it isn’t the latest but it’s the one that I’ve most recently accomplished.  See, the thing is that I’ve been loving punk fashion since I was about 13 years old.  All that time in between I’ve been wanting and craving for a chance to go and wear it.  Those chances have been available for so long but now I’ve finally done it.  The other thing is: I don’t like silver.  I’m a gold kind of girl so I needed some gold studs.  That’s where the whole stud craze came in.  Since everyone is going mad about spikes, the market finally opened for gold studs.  Yay!   Ok enough talk here’s my outfit:

Jacket: Forever 21

Shoes: Cole Haan

Socks: TJ Maxx

Shirt: H&M

Necklaces: My own gold nameplate necklace and a Medic Alert Coin pendant (NOT FOR FASHION PURPOSES.  PLEASE DO NOT WEAR THIS AS AN ACCESSORY UNLESS NEEDED)

Skirt: Urban Outfitters

Earrings: Betsey Johnson

Three Chained Ankle Bracelet

I’ve been searching for the right gold ankle bracelet, but have yet to find one.  When in doubt, just make your own!  Here’s how I made this three chained gold ankle bracelet.  It’s meant to hook on with any heels.  I can’t wait to wear it with an all black outfit and stand out.  More pictures to come soon of ways to wear them!

Here’s the mini tutorial. These are the two different types of pliers I used.  One was used to open the thicker chain and the smaller one did the rest.

Next step is to pick out your chains.  This to me was the hardest part.  You can pick out whichever ones you like.  I bought these from Pacific Trimming a while back.  You can have a thicker chain for your ankle to help distribute the weight better if it bothers you.

Measure out how large your ankle is for the smaller chain that you wrap around it.  Then measure for the thicker chain that will go under your heel.

This one will go on the back of your heel. This is supposed to be for belts or buttons, but you can still use it here.

Pick out another thicker chain, like the one above, to go on the back of your heel.  Now that you have all your pieces, it’s time to put them together.  This part is pretty simple.  Use your pliers to attach them all to a ring on either end.  So each end has a ring attached to it and holding the three together.  Attach one end to the clasp.  Wrap the chain around to see where you should link the other end of your chains. 

I was procrastinating this weekend and of course ended up looking at lovely inspiring blogs in the process.  That’s the absolute worst- when you know you have a list of things to do but all you want to do is create create create.  Anyways, stumbled upon my dream bracelet:

Cast of Vices medical bracelet

It is just about the best thing I have ever seen.  Seeing as how there is no way for me to create it myself, I must buy it somehow.  Well, once I get sufficient funds I will buy it.  That means that a whole bunch of items I’ve made and designed are going to be posted very soon and will be up for sale!  See- at least you get something out of reading this post.