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So I’m not the only artist in the family.  My sister happens to be the best videographer I’ve ever encountered.  Seriously, I’ve scoured Vimeo trying to find an equal to her editing that will push you to cry, feel butterflies, and embrace a sudden surge of inspiration….. all within three minutes.

Recently we went to Las Vegas and I took some photos of her for her blog, Heart + Camera.  She has a way with cameras, whether it be used for video or one single snapshot.  So take a look, and if you want to see some of her videos go to Cabana Pictures Blog.  It’s where both her and her husband post videos and blurbs from their life as videographers.



The last thing I ever expected to be doing this past Thursday was going to the new Topshop opening in the Las Vegas Fashion Show Mall.  Going to Vegas in general was a surprise, too.  That’s not the point.  All week I was walking around The Strip seeing signs for the opening and on Thursday, I was all ready to go.  Of course, since I am like an old woman, I wanted to get there early to see the festivities.  Walked up to the store and didn’t see anyone there but some press and a girl giving out goodie bags.  After having to explain to her that I was not in fact  any sort of Press and was just a blogger who came to shop, she gave me a wristband and pointed me to the red carpet.

Outside there was the Topshop bus along with a whole mob of people snagging up goodie bags and free shirts.  Not sure who the DJ was on top of the bus, but I have to admit that he kept me pretty entertained the whole hour that I stood outside waiting.  I was also entertained by some very stylish people outside.  I confess that I am a people watcher.  It’s such a problem but I guess I can make an excuse now that I’m doing it “for the blog.”

Cat eyes and red lips

Wish I could have captured her belt better! Of course I love it since it's gold and slightly gaudy.


Topshop wristband and stacked bracelets. Don't forget the Jamba Juice

Three stylish boys

This girl had the greatest studded jean jacket I've ever seen. Maybe I'll go out and find myself some studs and a dark jean jacket....

I may have to wear this one for summer.


My favorite outfit is the one with the Versace-esque print in the center. Bought it right when I walked in the store

Kristen Bell watching the show in her cute spring outfit

Kristen Bell and Sir Phillip Green

Kristen Bell and Sir Phillip Green