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Hey, all.  March 6 – 9 is the Scope show in New York and I’ll have a few pieces in it with C. Emerson Fine Art Gallery!  If any of you are in the area, go and check it out!  Usually Scope shows some absolutely amazing artists that always get me motivated to keep on creating.

920_Gianna_True_SCOPENY14 copy

False Recovery

True Structure


Remnants Detail


Victoria Beckham:

Ugh: Ok, what happened here with the hat?  Really, it was the only huge critique I have for her collection.  Victoria, everything is beautiful but this one huge item.  I’m sorry, but I’m not a believer in the large floppy hat.  It’s reserved for when you go to the beach and should never be worn otherwise.

Love: This whole collection was one of my favorites so far.  This look is so goth, so wonderful, and so me.  The bra looks chic even though it’s giving off bondage vibes.  Bottom line: I want this look since it’s totally wearable.

Derek Quinn

Ugh: Ladies, have we reached the point of feminism where it’s now acceptable to dress as a Maxi Pad?  No.  We haven’t.  And never will.  What’s worse than a Maxi Pad dress is a Chrome Maxi Pad dress.

Love:  Everything about this is so right.  It has a bit of tuxedo in the collar which gives a slightly masculine tone.  The red is vibrant, but not overbearing since everything is kept so simple.  Perfect.


Ugh: This is a trend I’ve been noticing: the whole mismatched-blocks-tattered-whatever look.  I’m not even sure how to describe it.  It’s blocky, but not in the good way.  This is everything wrong about that trend seeing as how nothing matches.  I guess at least it’s monochromatic but really this doesn’t work.  If I saw someone wearing this I would assume they were homeless and got hold of a sewing machine.

Love: Lovely and fresh for spring.  The pattern is great.  That’s the thing about patterns: they can go so wrong but this is a balance of color and pattern that just works.  I love the small sliver of skin peeking out.  It’s somewhat conservative but still sexy.


Ugh: First of all, this is a bad photo.  Whoever shot it hates this model because she should not look like this.  In my mind, there are so many things gone wrong with this look.  To begin, the presentation.  In a runway show, everything should look the best it will ever look.  Here, it’s showing you how not to wear the clothes.  The legs are too much with the shoes and the blazer.  Also, I’m not a fan of the ill-fitting blazer on this girl.  She should at least try to get one her size if she’s wearing shorts.

Love: This is so similar to the look I hate, but it just shows that slight changes can make all the difference.  Those shoes should be in my closet.  They’re simple and great with a tuxedo/suit on any woman.  I love this outfit because it is a mix of Audrey Hepburn’s look in Funny Face with a 1970’s bodysuit.  All black is classic and always elegant, too.


Ugh: VISORS??  REALLY?  I thought this was done and over with years ago.  I’m not working at any food establishment and it isn’t going to work for me.  Sorry.  Also, the fanny pack isn’t working for me either with the swimsuit.  I guess if I’m walking around some amusement park in the middle of summer I’ll wear a fanny pack and visor with my bathing suit.  Other than that, keep it away from me.

Love: I want this look.  No, I want this T-shirt.  It’s so timeless DKNY and reminds me of the outfits my sister would wear back in 1996 when she would roam around New York.  This never goes out of style.  It’s given a modern look with the silver skirt that works.

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