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So I’m not the only artist in the family.  My sister happens to be the best videographer I’ve ever encountered.  Seriously, I’ve scoured Vimeo trying to find an equal to her editing that will push you to cry, feel butterflies, and embrace a sudden surge of inspiration….. all within three minutes.

Recently we went to Las Vegas and I took some photos of her for her blog, Heart + Camera.  She has a way with cameras, whether it be used for video or one single snapshot.  So take a look, and if you want to see some of her videos go to Cabana Pictures Blog.  It’s where both her and her husband post videos and blurbs from their life as videographers.



I’m making an effort to get some walking in while I’m here.  It’s still snowy, but not too cold yet.  I can go out with two jackets and no coat.  I’ve even been wearing capri pants if you can believe it.  Anyways, I’m not a hiker.  Anyone who knows me will say the same.  Even so, I love to walk.  There are miles and miles of trails here that go into the mountains, but I’m not so adventurous.  Instead, I’m making an effort to do a pre dinner walk to collect sage and other plants for new work.  Here are some photos from the magic hour last night.  _DSC0579 _DSC0582 _DSC0584 _DSC0588 _DSC0591 _DSC0593 _DSC0600

Every first Friday of the month, galleries in Garfield/Friendship open up for a big gallery crawl.  Needless to say, I go every month.  Now, I have to tell you that these galleries have improved so much from when I first started going.  Last night, I found myself gushing over so many pieces I saw.  I’m so hard to please in that sense so that’s quite the accomplishment.  Not only that, it’s far more professional than it used to be.  Can’t wait for next month!  The other plus is getting to meet all sorts of interesting people and run into old friends while walking around. I have so many ideas in my little brain that are dying to get out.  There’s nothing better for an artist than going to a big opening like this: it makes you want to actually go out and tell the world what you’re making.









The other night there was about to be the most enormous rainstorm.  Since it was the first night that it wasn’t pouring rain here, I went out and walked around Rock River taking pictures.  It also just so happened to be the magic hour, and I’ve never seen light like this anywhere else.  Everything glowed this beautiful orange light.  Plus, the clouds didn’t hurt at all for photography.  I’ve got to say, I’m making it a habit now to take a walk after dinner along the tracks to go scavenging and picture taking.  It’s so different here from the city.  You hear nothing but dogs barking or maybe the sound of a boy on his dirtbike far away.

What is there to say?  Nothing.  I am speechless.  No: I can actually go on rambling for paragraphs upon paragraphs on how wonderful these photographs are.  They are done by the group Atelier Olschinsky.  It’s part of a group of photos under the title Innocentia.

First of all, the red.  Oh, all of that red just gets me far too excited.  The designer of all of these garments, Susanne Bisovsky, is a genius in my mind.  Yes, these were taken a bit of time ago but that doesn’t make it any less wonderful.  Plus, it’s exactly the style I have been looking for lately.  It’s very Dolce and Gabbana, no?  There is comfort and loads of lace and flowers.  Plus there is that old-country feeling mixed with fresh youth.

I just know a painting or drawing is going to sprout out of my head from this….


What is so hard about this concept?  I guess for a girl, it’s a little easier.  But I do remember being a little girl and having no clue at all about how I was going to make one of those so called “braids” in my hair.  What did I do?  I figured it out.  Sure, I make them correctly now but I still can’t tackle the whole Fishtail braid thing….

If you grew up with men or are currently close to one, ask them if they know how to make a braid.  Chances are, they have an idea but don’t really know the true art of it.  Hey, a lot of men do know but not the ones in my family or the ones I have been friends with for a while.   Imagine my amazement when I ask my boyfriend to help me out and braid my hair….. and he knew how to do it!


This little post is a tribute for all you guys out there who know how to make a braid.  Some may say I am getting way too excited, and other may find me way too appreciative.

And if you boys out there don’t know how to make one, LEARN!

Went to Miami this past weekend…. and it was wonderful.  I haven’t been there in far too long so I was going a little crazy.  Activities included:

  • Marlins Game
  • The Beach
  • Shopping at Dadeland Mall
  • Eating huge amounts of croquetas and food
  • The Beach again
  • Seeing all of my family

Oh, and here’s my outfit from my last night there:

Yes, that is a little sunburn on my face.  Don’t judge me, please!  I haven’t been in the sun in months.  Anyways, this was such an easy look to make: little bit of white Make Up Forever Aquacream on my lids and some mascara.  Lastly, lipliner in brown.  DONE.

Shirt: Forever 21.  Necklace: it was a gift from whoknowswhere.  Earrings: H&M.

Lately I have been thinking about the gypsy lifestyle.  No, not the kind of gypsy that you see on TLC’s My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding but that old traditional view of it.  Being in a caravan and traveling around.  I can’t stop imagining about what it would be to be a modern nomad.  Sure, people do it all the time.  Would I be able to?  No.  I’ll be the first to admit it.  Let’s be serious, I could probably not even camp out in my backyard.

Yesterday I watched this video and was totally blown away.  For those of you just reading this post, I’m planning on going to Wyoming for two weeks now in July.  This is my first time going and doing anything like it, so I’m pretty excited.  But this video is exactly what I would love to create related to my own trip.  Sure, I’m not going to China or Cambodia or anywhere else spectacular. I’m staying here in the States.  I find beauty in just the city I’m in or just going to the airport.  Why not make a video of it?  I can’t imagine the shots I’ll find in Wyoming for my video/photos.  Add in some dolly shots and a really moody song and you have yourself a heartfelt video.

Pittsburgh has its little spots that have that grimy sense of wonder.  There are a lot of old pockets in this city, and not too many people are fans.  I love them.  They make for great photos and bring on a sense of nostalgia whenever you’re around them.  When I see these places it makes me want to go explore them and to capture them in as many images as possible. These are taken around Braddock.  I dragged my boyfriend to drive me all around that city.  Wait until he hears that I want to go back.


My summer thus far has been filled with random little days.  I’ve taken to snapping pictures of just about everything.  That’s lucky for you since you get to see all of what I’m seeing.  Fun times include kitty watching, sitting in Schenley Plaza, bus adventures, getting locked into an art gallery, Global Navigators, and so much more.  Well, here ya go.


Prada and Gummies

Tights: Urban Outfitters, Purse: Prada but fringe and studs added on by me

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