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This summer I am participating in a research program at my university.  Each week, we hear 4 presenters go up and tell us what exactly they’re researching and why we should care etc etc

The other day, the Dean gave us a little talk on how this whole program seemed to him so far.  He said this was a room of “unusual students” and I must say that we are.  No one here has overlapping projects, and that’s the most refreshing thing ever. 

At the beginning of this experience, I said that my research was different from everyone’s.  I was wrong.  Yeah, it’s different.  But that’s not what I said.  I said only I was different.  Turns out, each person has the most interesting way of figuring out whatever it is they want to learn about.  I’m not the only one doing some crazy form of “research” that’s set apart from the typical scientific method.

A few weeks ago, I decided to go ahead and draw each person while they’re presenting.  As if there isn’t pressure enough.  I guess that puts more pressure on me actually since I better get your face drawn right.

Here they are:


Dean Stricker










For those fellows who do read this and presented before I started this little project, we are going on a retreat together soon.  That sounds like an opportunity to get a little portrait drawn if you’d like.


Found these amazing drawings by an artist by the name of Ben Tour.  This is the exact style I wish I could paint faces in…  better keep practicing.  Love how loose and yet detailed each one is. 

Ones with color are done in ink.  Check out Ben’s site: The Tour Show

Photos all sourced from The Tour Show