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After I made those mangos the other day with the golden cutouts, I realized that I fell in love with the layout of the piece.  So, I had to make more.  I’m only working on 10 x 10 pieces, which makes my working go a little easier and calmer.  You get to work in such a small space and get to dive into some details.  So next: hands and legs.  Each of those represent milagros.  _DSC0682 _DSC0684 _DSC0687

This is what happens when you go too hard with your cutting.  My favorite pink knife, in shambles at this point.  I still tried using it and ended up cracking it in three more places.  Until it officially disintegrates, this is what I’m gonna use. _DSC0688

These little cutouts are made from BFK paper.  So they’re going to be in the small black piece with the hands.  First, I cut this out.  Then, I cover the pieces in gold leaf.  Sound easy, but it’s not.  I had gold leaf all over me and continue to find it in the strangest of places…_DSC0695_DSC0702

So I tried a different route with these guys.  Instead of cutting and then covering in gold leaf, I covered the sheet in the gold leaf first.  Let me just say that it went waaaay easier.  _DSC0703_DSC0710


For some time, I’ve had this fascination with oranges.  It all started on an airplane.  I opened up one of those horrible magazines that are in the seat pocket thanks to extreme boredom.  Well, for once my boredom launched me into a new obsession.  There was an article on something I had never hear of: orange wrappers.  People collect these wrappers, especially the Italian ones.  I had no idea why one would wrap an orange but it was the greatest thing I had ever seen.  Being from Miami, you see oranges even when you close your eyes.  I guess I had become immune to Florida’s constant projection of orange images.  But looking at the art deco art that was beautifully designed for a wrapper of all things, a switch must have clicked.  I tore out the article and to this day still have it.  I keep it in my wallet as inspiration.


So, as time went on I began screenprinting.  What did I want to make more than anything else?  Oranges.  But I wanted to find a way to recreate the old printing methods: that bitmap, dotted, Lichtenstein style of print.  What did I do?  Oh I had photoshop and I had ways to make it into a neat, organized print by means of machinery.  No, I made it by hand.  Handpainted each and every dot onto my screen.  I’m not writing this to brag, it’s instead to tell you my process.  I am an admirer of folk art and the difference that one feels when they do a meticulous task with their own hands.  It’s an intimate moment with your image.  To place that amount of time and effort into something provides an extra connection with the object.  That’s why I do it.

These here are my orange prints and the many ways that I hang them in galleries.  I added milagro hands and some feet into my oranges.  This piece, as well as most of my graphic work, deals with ideas relating to offerings and ritual.

Naranjas y Milagros Oranges Oranges2