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Let me just say, I have wandered every single inch of this town and the most fun I’ve had with shopping is this Flea Market.  It’s a tourist town, but I’m from New York so I don’t want to feel like a tourist shopping around and I also don’t want to barge in on someone else’s culture improperly.  I ran into familiar faces who were vendors at the fair and there were all kinds of hidden gems.  I walked away with a tiny silver spoon that was a gift from a vendor and a deerskin choker necklace with snake vertebrae.  _DSC0002_DSC0004_DSC0005_DSC0007_DSC0008_DSC0010_DSC0013_DSC0014_DSC0016_DSC0018_DSC0029


Every first Friday of the month, galleries in Garfield/Friendship open up for a big gallery crawl.  Needless to say, I go every month.  Now, I have to tell you that these galleries have improved so much from when I first started going.  Last night, I found myself gushing over so many pieces I saw.  I’m so hard to please in that sense so that’s quite the accomplishment.  Not only that, it’s far more professional than it used to be.  Can’t wait for next month!  The other plus is getting to meet all sorts of interesting people and run into old friends while walking around. I have so many ideas in my little brain that are dying to get out.  There’s nothing better for an artist than going to a big opening like this: it makes you want to actually go out and tell the world what you’re making.